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Hi! My name is Shirley Cooper
I'm a Transformational Mindset Mentor
Welcome to a little corner of the internet where healing, laughter, and growth intertwine! I'm Shirley, your guide on this fascinating journey of self-discovery and transformation. Nestled in the heart-stirring landscapes of the Cotswolds, UK, I find myself constantly inspired by the beauty that surrounds me. The rolling hills here unfold like a green tapestry, offering peace and tranquility. But when I long for the sound of the waves and the majestic sight where the sea meets the mountains, I find myself drawn back to my native North Wales, Snowdonia. Here, the beauty of nature in its dual form is a powerful reminder of the balance and harmony we strive to achieve within.
My love for the great outdoors is rivaled only by my passion for spiritual practices. From the ancient art of crystal therapy to the transformative power of hypnotherapy, my journey has been a kaleidoscope of learning, exploring, and connecting with the deeper aspects of life. This path has not only been my personal calling but has also significantly enhanced the work I do. Every session, every technique, and every piece of advice I offer is infused with a deep understanding of the spiritual connections that bind us all.
Now, you might be wondering, "Who is Shirley beyond her work?" Well, I'm someone who believes in the power of laughter, the beauty of a well-timed joke, and the joy of not taking life too seriously. And yes, I'm a proud grandmother to four beautiful humans who remind me every day of the wonder, curiosity, and pure love that life offers. They keep me grounded, fill my world with laughter, and occasionally outsmart me in ways I didn't know were possible!

So, why share this journey with me? Because life is too short for stuffy formalities and too precious not to delve into the incredible power of one’s subconscious mind. Healing from within and tapping into our inner resources can unlock profound transformations. Whether you’re here for guidance, healing, or a bit of both, I’m here to support you with open arms and a heart full of understanding.

Join me in embracing the magic of life, the untapped potential within ourselves, and the joy of connecting with your true self. Let’s laugh, grow, and discover the power of healing from within together.

What People Say
Shirley's regression therapy sessions have been an eye-opening journey into my past lives, providing me with profound insights into the patterns and challenges I face in this lifetime. Her guidance through these sessions has been incredibly supportive, helping me heal old wounds and embrace a more enlightened path forward. It's been an enriching and deeply healing experience that I would recommend to anyone seeking understanding and growth.
Miriam. C

Embarking on hypnotherapy with Shirley was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I've ever made. Her skillful approach, empathy, and professionalism helped me tackle deep-seated issues that were affecting my daily life. The progress I've made in just a few sessions is astounding. I've gained insights, tools, and a newfound confidence that's empowering me to live my best life. Shirley's work is truly life-changing.
Taylor. M

Before discovering Shirley's crystal therapy sessions, I felt like I was constantly swimming against the tide, struggling with anxiety and unable to find my footing. The sessions were a revelation. The tailored approach, combining various crystals with guided meditations, helped me reconnect with a sense of inner calm and strength I thought was lost. It's been a transformative journey back to balance and peace. Thank you, Shirley, for this incredible gift.
Sammie. K

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